Prepara la tua pelle alla Primavera

Getting your skin ready for Spring

Finally, after months of cold, windy and dry air, spring is around the corner and with it all the changes that our skin can't ignore. The first thing to do? Follow a proper Beauty Routine that adapts to the new weather conditions and helps our skin welcome the warmer season. 

How? Discover all our tips for protected, hydrated and radiant skin in just a few simple steps.


The first step in counteracting dull complexion and eliminating impurities accumulated during the winter is proper cleansing. Our advice is always to use gentle cleansers, avoiding those that are too aggressive and could cause dryness or irritation.

Double cleansing is an excellent technique to adopt: an application that removes makeup and surface impurities followed by a deeper cleansing of the pores.




Exfoliation is a key step in stimulating cell turnover, boosting blood circulation and removing impurities.

A simple yet effective way to exfoliate the skin is to use specific serums that, with their light and easily absorbed texture, help to even out the skin's texture, removing dead skin cells and making it radiant and smooth.




In spring, the skin needs less protection from the outside environment, thanks to the higher level of moisture in the air and the resulting less dryness compared to the winter season. However, proper hydration remains a key element to consider within one's beauty routine. This is why we recommend using a light and gentle moisturizer that absorbs easily and leaves the skin soft and radiant, without feeling greasy. There are valuable ingredients that support us in this, such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, which help retain water in the skin, keeping it hydrated.



The change of season is the ideal time to review one's beauty routine, choosing products best suited to warmer weather and to the skin's new needs. 


Try the New Radiance Line, designed to brighten the skin and counteract oxidative stress, caused by cold weather and air pollution. This line offers specific products for each stage of the beauty routine: cleanser, serum, face and eye creams, for a complete treatment.

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