SkinLabo si certifica Plastic Neutral

SkinLabo is certified Plastic Neutral

We are proud to be able to share an important choice with you: today we talk about how SkinLabo has become Plastic Neutral certified in partnership with rePurpose Global.


Every year we collect cheerful colored tubes on our bathroom shelves, but have we ever asked ourselves the question of what will happen to them?

We took a step back and asked ourselves: “ How much plastic do we put into the environment with our packaging every year?

Here is the answer: 11 tons of plastic.

You probably have the same expression now that we did.

And do you know how much plastic the beauty and personal care industry releases every year?

More than 120 billion units of packaging globally , most of which are not truly recyclable . So every year 91% of the world's plastic waste ends up in landfills, incinerated or dumped into rivers and oceans.

Can we remain impassive in the face of these numbers?

No. We want to continue to love our products and we can do this by committing to making more conscious choices for the well-being of the oceans, nature and the entire planet.

We asked ourselves if a world made up only of plastic free products was possible ; the answer is probably no. However, everyone can contribute and SkinLabo started on the first day of 2022, deciding to officially certify itself as plastic neutral. A clear commitment that aims to compensate for the plastic we produce:

  • we remove as much plastic from nature as we generate;
  • we reduce the environmental impact;
  • we contribute to the health of the planet


    We are convinced that commitment to pursuing an ideal or value is demonstrated with concrete actions, which is why we have chosen rePurpose Global as a partner in this new challenge.

    rePurpose Global is the world's leading platform for actions against plastic , a movement dedicated to reducing waste, reviving human lives and restoring the balance of nature which involves over 180 illustrious brands including Google and Colgate to name but a few some. Thanks to the joint commitment of these actors and now also ours, every year 5500 tons of plastic are removed from nature .

    For SkinLabo it means being able to build a greener and more sustainable future and give back to the planet part of that beauty which is also the heart of our products (90% of SkinLabo products are of natural origin).

    Among the projects certified by rePurpose SkinLabo has chosen to support the Pavitra Parvat Project and the wonderful mission of the Waste Warriors : a group of Indian kids who have decided to try to change the future, not only for the environment, but also for people.


    In recent decades the uncontaminated nature of Derhandum, at the foot of the Himalayas , has been devastated by rampant plastic pollution . Here more than 50% of the waste is MLP (multilayer plastic), a material that is difficult to collect as it is more difficult to recycle and therefore of little commercial value.

    This was the mission of the Waste Warriors: collect the most difficult plastic , separate it and reuse it through "Co-processing"*.

    We are proud to support them because this project is not only friendly to the environment, but also supportive of the Indian population: today in India the workers employed in waste collection earn less than 5 dollars a day, work in precarious conditions and face serious discrimination, despite providing a necessary social service.

    The Pavitra Parvat Project aims to guarantee Indian workers and their families a fair wage, workplace safety standards, access to health insurance and professional training.

    Finally, the Waste Warriors have understood one fundamental thing: without education there can be no change and for this reason they are committed to schools, to spread awareness regarding fair consumption and good waste management .

    * WHAT IS CO-PROCESSING? is the method of using plastic waste, as an alternative to raw materials such as coal or fossil fuels, as a source of energy, particularly in cement kilns. Thus, not only is plastic from ending up in the environment prevented, but a highly polluting energy source such as coal is also replaced.


    We cannot talk about real impact if we cannot provide measurable proof. Here are the results that our commitment is expected to produce:

    • The equivalent of 1,299,923 plastic bottles will be removed from nature this year
    • In India, 37 Waste Warriors , along with their family members, will receive an additional source of income
    • The expansion of local waste recovery and recycling infrastructure will be facilitated and improved


      Of course, it would be ideal, but the truth is that a percentage of it performs a fundamental function, so its use is inevitable; sometimes it also represents the most sustainable solution.

      However, reducing the use of plastic - especially virgin plastic - in favor of packaging with more recycled plastic is essential and we are working in this direction, also thanks to the support of rePurpose.

      Now, if you too are wondering "What can I do concretely to contribute to a more sustainable world and lifestyle ?", you can start by paying attention to always recycle in the correct way , to be aware of your choices and the commitment that your favorite brands invest, towards the planet.

      It is necessary to be more conscious both as companies and as consumers.

      SkinLabo is proud to have done so, committing itself primarily to the fight against plastic pollution .

      Find out more about this project at this link SkinLabo Goes Plastic Neutral

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