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Perfect Firming and Anti-Cellulite Body Duo

Perfect Firming and Anti-Cellulite Body Duo

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Designed to meet the needs of skin characterised by loss of tone and blemishes, with an anti-cellulite, firming and toning action.



Body spray with active ingredients with a lipolytic, firming and anti-cellulite actions that activate skin microcirculation by draining excess fluids. Also effective before exercising, it helps to firm, fight cellulite and fluid retention.


Gel cream that helps counteract loss of tone and promote skin firmness and elasticity. Thanks to its formula characterized by active ingredients acting on the lipid layer, it gives an immediate tightening effect useful to counteract loss of tone also due to pregnancy and skin aging.


Type of skin: all skin types
Specific need: localized adiposity, loss of tone, toning and firming
Application: day, night


Gift: Beauty Bag by SkinLabo

An accessory with a refined and characterful design, thanks to the iconic tiffany colour and logoed jacquard lining. The interior, lined in satin fabric, features a handy card pocket with embossed logo. Equipped with a double golden metal zip, it is ideal both as a beauty case and as a clutch bag.

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